Week 10 Summary – 第十周摘要!

The first game back from break matched up two teams that have been headed in opposite directions, the Fu Dogs and Hairy Crabs. The Fu Dogs started the season dismally while the Crabs started red hot. However, since the loss of Mark Cobbet the Crabs have struggled to replace his scoring pop. Crabs GM Leon Li worked his magic and somehow convinced execs like Jun Otsuka and Matt Whately that the Crabs should pick first in the mid season draft.  With that pick, Leon had high hopes that Tag Thomson would be just the right player to return the Crabs to their winning ways. However, Game 1 of the new and improved Crabs still had trouble maintaining pressure and finding the back of the net. In fact, the Crabs didn’t tally their first marker until about ten seconds left in the game when xxx snuck one by Kevin Lee robbing him of a shutout.
Meanwhile, the Fu Dog line of Berg, Magnan, and Ferron continued to click, scoring early and often. The production line combined for 3 goals, giving the Fu Dogs all they needed to win. Brent Campbell and Nick Gutor would add a couple insurance goals for a 5-1 final.
The game also marked a couple significant milestones for the women on both teams. Midori Yamada got her first point in the SHC and Leo Murayama played her last game with us. Leo is moving back to Japan and the Fu Dogs were glad to send her off with a win. Good luck Leo!


In B League, battle for the top of the table, Always Picked Last was first to the score sheet when Peter “the Hitman” Helenius found John Brennan on break away pass early in the first frame. Casey Westergaard earned his first shutout of the season, by withstanding a barrage of shots and constant pressure from Ice Cocks super Swiss Stud Spahr,Barry Duke and Takagi. John Boot iced the game with late third period tally. In a tight well fought match up, Markus Lehmann and Miles provided extra effort with their forechecking and defensive stops.


Paper Tigers  welcomed 刘府家 Liu Fu Jia and 2016 with a win over the Fog Devils. Took an early lead and never looked back, as the FDs were missing some key players on defence. Mr. John Pezel made himself a new year gift by scoring 5 goals, and Liu Fu Jia scored his first SHC goal in his first game. Another sweep from the white franchises.


Ducks-Puckhounds. Ducks 3-2 won.  Ducks had 1-0 lead until 2nd period.(by SimonP’s goal. He bought a new stick.)  In the 3rd period PH got 2 goals in a row. So PH have 2-1 lead. PH’s new player Sum Xu got the goal.
Last few minutes Ducks Georgi made a diving shot & goal. Score 2-2. And last 16seconds Ducks Ken got a winning goal.

Photo credit to Joseph Hu


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SHC Christmas Party! SHC圣诞节派对!

The 2015 SHC Christmas Party happened last Saturday night at the The Camel in Pudong.  With about 65-70 of the league’s players playing hockey trivia, franchise clip cup races and mini-stick hockey (that almost everyone was too drunk for), the party brought out the best in everyone’s Christmas spirit.  APL’s Shama also started an arm-wrestling contest in which he beat everyone except the Ducks’ Mark Lacina.  SHC newcomer, Taggart Thomson, won the 8-person Tsingtao shotgun challenge by a nose over Brent Campbell.

SHC pioneer, Corey Sorrento, made a surprise appearance and got to finally put on some 15-16 Fog Devils gear.  Almost all 12 teams in the SHC were represented at the party with about a dozen friends and family there to experience what an SHC Christmas is all about!  Many lucky people took home gifts from the American Medical Center, DK Sports, The Camel, El Luchador, The Blarney Stone, The Bull & Claw and Boar.  The red and green Tsingtao decorations were the perfect backdrop for Christmas while the Tsingtao beer made sure everyone was festively jubilant!

A special thanks to Frances Dixon, Mike Custer, Peter Helenius, Brent Campbell, Simon Pinard and Yoshikazu Takeo for helping out with the party!


2015上海冰球俱乐部(SHC)圣诞派对上周六晚在浦东Camel酒吧,大约65-70个俱乐部成员带上家人和朋友前来狂欢,一起分享冰球是事件、观看职业冰球联赛、玩迷你冰球游戏(基本上所有人都喝高了),大家都非常具有圣诞精神。APL队的Shama在扳手腕的比赛中击败了Ducks队的Mark Lacina,俱乐部新人Taggart Thomson,在青岛啤酒挑战赛中指着Brent Campbell队长的鼻子击败8人.

SHC的创始者之一Corey Sorrento空降派对,为15-16年的Fog Devils队助威。大家的朋友和家人一起感受着圣诞节给大家带来的欢乐和激情。在派对的游戏中有很多人幸运的获得了奖品,奖品由American Medical Center, DK Sports, The Camel, El Luchador, The Blarney Stone, The Bull & Claw and Boar提供。已红色与绿色为标志的青岛啤酒完美的装饰了派对现场,并带着尚未上市的新鲜白啤给大家品鉴,大家为美味的啤酒举杯,欢乐畅饮,载歌载舞!

非常感谢Frances Dixon, Mike Custer, Peter Helenius, Brent Campbell, Simon Pinard and Yoshikazu Takeo帮助我们安排这个活动!

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Week 9 Summary – 第九周摘要!

It was another Whiteout on Friday night as APL and the Paper Tigers both returned to the winners’ circle.  The Tigers had to deal with a tough Vikings squad who had Brad ‘Newly’ Newly back in the lineup and almost pulled off the stunner.  But David Smith, with some sweet feeds from Ryan Harrison, scored enough to reward goalie Barry Roe and the rest of the team with a 3-2 win and the two points.  Always Picked Last had to play without spiritual leaders EC and Jon Boot but still found a way beyond the Hairy Crabs 5-1.  Casey ‘Westcoast’ Westergaard was solid in net with Helenius and Rekrutiak anchoring a stellar back line.  Jeff ‘Lube’ Lubach had a huge 4 assists, most to John Brennan who extended his lead in the scoring race with the hat trick.


The Killer Pandas started a winning streak with a 2-1 shootout win over the Bulldogs.  In his final game, Bert ‘Squirt’ Ouamer scored the breakaway winner on young gun Mans Rasmussen to go out on a winning note.  Zhao Jian was sensational in the Pandas’ net, stopping relentless attacks from the also departing Matt Lickwar and his mates Perro and Wong.  The Fu Dogs spoiled Taka Muraoka’s last game (on the ice anyway – he had fun at the bar afterwards) with the Puckhounds and won the B division’s K-9 battle 5-2.  Ron ‘Ice’ Berg scored all 5 for the Dogs getting the most help from Jason Ferron’s 4 assists.  Taka got an emotional lamp-lighter in the losing effort to salvage a few smiles.


The last matchup of the week saw Red come back with the IceCocks and Fog Devils getting by the Ducks and Dirty Blues respectively.  Isaac McKitrick had his coming out party with a flaming 5 goals for the FDs with Wang Zhiqiang doing the table-setting with 5 apples.  Takeo held the fort in net with Kita being a typical force on D in the 6-3 win.  Jon Burke led the IceCocks with a 3 point night as they dealt with the absence of Captain Duke and got by the Ducks 4-1.  Consistent point-getters Pinard and Lacina were the only parts of the Ducks’ lone scoring play in a disappointing Poultry Derby result.

Photo credits: Joseph Hu (Wechat: liebgott1986)

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Week 8 Summary – 第八周摘要!

Friday night’s Blue-White match-up was an opportunity for the Dirty Blues and Ducks to slow down the White machine.  Both succeeded with tight wins, the Blues 3-2 in regulation and the Ducks 4-3 in a shootout.  The Paper Tigers and Always Picked Last fought hard to keep their roll alive but Michael Mann’s winner buried the Tigers late in the A game while Simon Pinard and Kentaro Okawara led the Ducks in B.  In APL’s losing effort, Kai Wu scored his first SHC goal.


In the early Saturday game, the rabid Puckhounds toughed out a 2-1 win over the Hairy Crabs.  Mark Qin and Yuzo Yamada scored for the Hounds while Robert Lieske was the only one to beat Jackie Cheng who was solid in goal for the winners.  In the A game, the Bulldogs completed the second franchise sweep of the week with a shootout win over the Vikings.  Allen Frankenburger scored the shootout winner with Mike Tarnow and Tyler Perro each completing nice individual efforts.  The Dunn-Chan-Klepsvik trio was dangerous all night for the Vikings.


In the week’s final match-up between Red and Black, the IceCocks came away with a shootout win over the FuDogs with Jon Burke, Brian Ewing and Markus Spahr doing the damage for the ‘Cocks.  In the A game, the Killer Pandas won for Black over the Fog Devils 4-1 in a battle for 4th place.  Rich Rhoades continued his hot scoring, Brent Simonini also had a pair while Bertrand Ouamer and Mark Simon each chipped in with two assists.


The SHC is gearing up for its final week of games this weekend before the annual Christmas Party on December 12th, to be held at the Camel Puxi.  Details coming soon!


Johnny Ma enjoying the victory drink after a big Ducks’ win


Captain Jan is giddy with joy after giving the Paper Tigers their first loss


Even brilliant Barry couldn’t keep the Tigers streak alive


Frankenburger post game Breezer

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Week 7 Summary – 第七周摘要!

Week 7 in the SHC started off with Bulldogs captains Tyler Perro and Cal Wong leading an 11-3 devouring of the Fog Devils.   The IceCocks got one back for Franchise Red in the B game with a tightly fought 3-2 win over the Puckhounds.  Trevor Lai with a Leo Howe hat trick (goal, assist and a penalty) and Brian Ohlrich with the game-winner were the ‘cocks who rose above all others.

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The Dirty Blues hit every note while whistling a concert of goals past Vikings keeper, Rob Gray, for a 7-0 shutout win.  Jamie Krause added an apple to his bagel when     threaded a beautiful pass to a streaking Brian Wallace who went end to end for a beauty.  Roland Wilfing, Hide Matsuoka and James Vanias helped out the usual suspects on offence with 2 points apiece.   In the B game, Shinsuke Mitsuhashi got the 2nd shutout in a row for the Blue Franchise when his Ducks beat the Hairy Crabs 1-0.  Tommy Nakayama assisted his compatriot, Kentaro Okawara for the game’s only goal.

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In the week’s final match-up the White Machine kept on rolling with the Paper Tigers shredding the Killer Pandas 7-0.  Top draft pick Yosef ‘Napalm’ Natour with 5 points and Barry ‘The Roe-bot’ with the shutout were difference makers.  The Fu Dogs were going for their 3rd straight win but Always Picked Last showed why they are in first place and came away with a close 3-2 decision.  With a strong Peter ‘Hellraiser’ Helenius on D and the duo of Boot and Brennan up front, APL survived without key contributors Shama Nigmatzyanov and Casey Westergaard to get the W.


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Week 6 Summary! 第六周摘要!

SHC Week 6 Summary


Week 6 in the SHC was special because our focus was split between the action on the ice and the party at The Camel on Friday night.  The SHC opened the weekend with its first party at its new sponsor and left the Shangley Cup in its new home, front and centre at The Camel. The party was also helping to support our hockey brother Mike Collier and his family who are going through a tough time.  Graydon Tullis and Casey Westergaard played awesome live music while proceeds were raised for Mike through the silent auction and through donations, organized primarily by Jim Dunn.  Seeing so many people come forward to help with a cause like this shows why the SHC is a special community.

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On the ice, the Fog Devils (with exotic dancing couple Hume and Kostiw pictured below) and IceCocks gave the Red franchise a sweep over the Vikings and Hairy Crabs wearing green.  The Paper Tigers remained the only undefeated team in the SHC going to 6-0 with a tight win over the Bulldogs.  The Foo Dogs won for the 2nd week in a row, this time over the Ducks, while their black brothers, the Killer Pandas, lost to the Dirty Blues for their 3rd straight loss.  APL beat the Puckhounds 5-2 (Jeff Wong got revenge after the game when he beat up APL’s Fitzy in the locker room).  3 was the biggest margin of victory for anyone in a closely-played Week 6!  It’s Fog Devils vs. Bulldogs and IceCocks vs. Puckhounds this Friday night starting at 21:30.

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Week 5 Wrap-up – 第五周摘要

Week 5 in the SHC brought triumph and tragedy. The weekend started off with the Green vs Black franchises splitting the uprights. Killer Pandas found tragedy in an OT loss 7-6 to The Vikings. Leading the team to victory with 2 goals was their captain Sigve Klepsvik and a beauty mid air tip to cap the win in overtime by the soft hands of Brad Newly. Foo Dogs on the other hand found triumph in a big way defeating the Hairy Crabs 5-0 for their first win of the season.  ‘Kool’ Kevin Lee was in fine form in net and got the shutout.

Saturday showed that it would be the same triumph and tragedy as the previous night. With the Red and White franchises kicking things off and Red hoping to knock off the beasts that are the White franchise.  Fog Devils came out strong and kept the game close with Paper Tigers captain JP Girmard’s top shelf goal holding up until under 5 minutes to go.  Kita returned the favour late, but the Fog Devils just couldn’t hold on and it was a late 0:08 second goal by David Smith that took the Paper Tigers to 5-0 on the season with a 2-1 win.  Wanting to bounce back after a devastating loss in the previous week was Always Picked Last and that’s what they did defeating the Ice Cocks 3-2, despite missing top pick Jon ‘Das’ Boot.  Ice Cocks pushed in the final minutes, pulling their goalie with 2:00 to go but just couldn’t find the power in the coop to score.

In the final franchise match up Blue vs. Yellow the dogs ran away with the bone. The Bulldogs looked strong with nearly a full bench and unfortunately the music stopped for the Dirty Blues losing 3-0 in a fast paced hockey game. Captain Tyler Perro and first mate, Calvin Wong, were dominant.  The Puckhounds finished the weekend with triumph over the not-so-mighty Ducks 4-1. The ‘Hounds had control most of the game as the 11:30 start time definitely found the Ducks without any quack in their quickness. Jackie Cheng had a strong game between the pipes with Qin and Okuyama doing the offensive damage.

Honourable mentions go out to Matt Whately for reffing an A game on his own and Darryl Slaney and Mark Simon for reffing every other game this past weekend.

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Week 4 – Halloween Doggy Style! 上海冰球联赛(SHC)第四周报导

SHC’s Week 4 started with Yellow K-9dominance on Friday night as B’s Puckhounds and A’s Bulldogs got their first wins of the season.  The Puckhounds’ KazOkuyama and Mark Qin each had two points leading the ‘Hounds to victory over the Fu Dogs, doggy style.  The Bulldogs chewed up all the bamboo and spit it into the Killer Pandas faces, winning 3-2with Justin Brown and Matt Lickwar providing sparks throughout the game.

SHC第四周的周五晚上两支黄色队伍展现了他们强大的优势,B组的Puckhounds和A组的Bulldogs获得了他们本赛季的第一场胜利。Puckhounds的Kaz Okuyama和Mark Qin带领球队战胜了Fu Dogs的狗氏战术,并各自获得两分。Bulldogs咬碎了所有竹子吐在了Killer Pandas的脸上,Justin Brown 和 Matt Lickwar在比赛中展现暧昧,擦拭着火花,让球队以3-2的比比分胜出。


In the ‘Poultry Derby’, the Ducks flew past the IceCocks, who just couldn’t get their offence off the ground.  Simon Pinard and Philip Georgi did the scoring damage, each with 20-30 friends and family in the crowd, with Shinsuke Mitsuhashi a wall in net.  The Dirty Blues treated the Fog Devils like virgin angels in an absolute and dominating9-1 raping.  ‘Dirty’ Danny Guo poured in5 points with Mike ‘What time is it?’ McClocklin chipping in with 4 of his own.

包括比赛,周六是一个即狂野又可怕的万圣节派对!关于“家禽类”的报导,Ducks飞越了IceCocks,难道就没有人能制伏这只罪恶的鸭子吗。Simon Pinard和Philip Georgi做到了毁灭性的分数,各自带着自己20-30个家人和朋友和Shinsuke Mitsuhashi一起在观看比赛。另一方面Dirty Blues对待Fog Devils好像是在对待一位还没破处的天使,被强奸在9-1。肮脏的Danny Guo在5分的时候和Mike说“还有都少时间?”而McClocklin自己打出了4分的好成绩。

The Hairy Crabs put an end to the Aryan dominance in the SHC in a statement game against White’s Always Picked Last.  Guo ‘the Gift’ Yuelong had the dagger in the 3rd, adding to Cobbett and Cao goals earlier in the game to put away APL (playing without studs Casey Westergaard in net and Shama up front).  The Paper Tigers held up their end of the undefeated season deal in a mauling and drowning of the Vikings 9-3.  Captain JP ‘Griffes’ Grimard has led a group of cub stars such as Ryan Harrison, Dave Dunkerley and David Smith into a never-ending, humming purr. With John ‘Doritos’ Pezel wearing the ‘A’, the Tigers join the Hairy Crabs as the only two remaining perfect teams in the SHC.

Hairy Crabs在这个周六击败了白色Always Picked Last,结束了雅利安人的统治,Guo Yuelong在第三节打进制胜一球,加上Cobbett和Cao的进球结束APL(在Casey Westergaard缺席Shama补上的情况下)。Paper Tigers以猛烈的打击Vikings取得9-3的比分再次延续他们的不败神话。队长JP”Griffes”Grimard带领球队就好比获得冠军奖杯的Ryan Harrison,Dave Dunkerley和David Smith简直无法阻挡,全场欢呼。John”Doritos”Pezel到A组,Tigers加入Hairy Crabs这是SHC仅剩下的两支完美球队。

Hanging JF Stu Viking Simon-McNally-Frankenberger Mans Shin Mexican Kiwi-pencil Jon Noose Glass smear Viking Approaching Tigers-Wolverine-ZebraAPLOHLGRFlying Blues1819749766


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Week 3 White-out! 白队最棒的!

White made Week 3’s biggest bang on Friday when both teams went to 3-0 on the season.  The Paper Tigers, with injury replacement call-up David Smith, silenced the Dirty Blues with goalie Barry ‘the Roe-bot’ being a huge difference in the tight 5-3 game.  APL came from behind to beat the Ducks 4-3 in the B game with Simon Pinard and Captain Okawara playing hard in a losing effort.  The close games prove that the Blues will be tough  season.

Environmentalists were happy when Green swept the weekend series from Yellow’s Bulldogs (A) and Puckhounds (B).  The Vikings got a shutout from Goalie (Rob) Gray while Norwegian captain, Sigve Klepsvik, was the offensive energizer against a neutered Bulldogs squad.  It was the Mark Cobbett show for the Hairy Crabs as they got past the Puckhounds 4-3 and remained undefeated.

In the weekend’s final match-up, the Killer Pandas ended a one game slide and beat a short-handed Fog Devils team, 5-3.  Geoff Ng scored the winner while captain Darryl Slaney and ‘Killer’ Rich Rhoades each had 2 goals and 2 assists.  The IceCocks got 7 of their 9 goals from the Brians, Ewing and Ohlrich, in a 9-1 drubbing of the Fu Dogs.





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Week 2 in the Books! 第二周结束!

The SHC’s Week 2 results started to show who the title contenders are and which teams need to work a little harder.  Franchises Red and White kicked ass, Black and Yellow had sore asses while Blue and Green each made out evenly.

Friday night’s Ducks-Hairy Crabs game didn’t get decided until midway through the 3rd when Rupert Cao won it for Crabs.  Captain Jan conducted a masterpiece in his team’s 7-1 sinking of the Vikings, registering 6 points himself, as the Dirty Blues moved to 1-1.

Red’s IceCocks had enough thrust and endurance with their 8 players to outlast the Puckhounds’ complete team and won easily 4-0, with ‘König’ Karl earning the shutout between the pipes.  From one king to a couple of others as the duo of Wang Zhiqiang and Wang Ye led defending A League champs the Fog Devils to a tight win over the Bulldogs.

Always Picked Last and the Paper Tigers combined for another Whiteout, never being threatened by the Foo Dogs or Killer Pandas respectively.  APL’s BBS line of Boot, Brennan and Shama all did their Michael Vick impersonations in murdering the Foo Dogs while the short-handed Paper Tigers clawed their way past the surprisingly tame Killer Pandas with SHC rookies Harrison and Dunkerley fiercest in keeping the streak alive.

Week 3 starts this Friday with a great lineup of juicy match-ups!


这个周五的晚上,Ducks与Hairy Crabs的比赛中,直到第三节RupertCao打出了制胜一球为Hairy Crabs赢得了比赛。 而另一边队长Jan带领他的队伍疯狂的打出7-1的大比分差距狂操Vikings,自己获得6分,为Dirty Blues的战绩扳回一城,1-1。 

红色的IceCocks仅有8名队员,但他们有足够信心和体力击败了全员到齐的Puckhounds,以4-0的比分轻松获胜。 而另一边卫冕冠军Fog Devils今年迎来了一对不可忽视的“夫妻”Wang Zhiqiang和Wang Ye,并带领球队击败了Bulldogs.

Always Picked Last 和Paper Tigers这两只联盟球队又出现了,丝毫不会畏惧Foo Dogs和Killer Pandas的进攻。APL的BBS组合登场,Brennan和Shama模仿Michael Vick干掉了Foo Dogs, 而人手不足的Paper Tigers放下过去奇迹般的驯服了Killer Pandas与SHC新秀Harrison和Dunkerley凶猛的保持连胜的记录。 



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