Mission Statement

Beliefs and Values

We here at the SHC believe that hockey in Shanghai should be played in an environment that puts a premium on inclusive, safe, and balanced competition. Further, we believe that the atmosphere should be social, fun, and healthy for all our members. As a recreational organization, the SHC strives to maintain a unique, internationally shared experience that promotes the cultural and athletic distinctiveness of our sport without compromising the health and safety of its individuals. Finally, we feel these beliefs are best realized by having our members continue to develop beyond their comfort zones and by growing our membership core as the Club continues to evolve within the ever-changing cityscape of Shanghai .


Who we Serve: any hockey player, regardless of skill level, who wants to play a recreational, non-contact game.

What we Aim to Accomplish: a safe (physically and emotionally), respectful, and social environment through play, challenging game experiences for all, participation, enjoyment, and overall well-being for everyone. 

How? The variable number and ability of the players throughout the year determines our makeup. Drafting and periodic re-drafting of players is based on ability and leads to more social diversity and parity of the league. The Executive Committee serves the interest of the players by providing oversight and helps to clarify decisions related to discipline and direction of the league.

The Transient Population in Shanghai

The SHC aims to:

  • Provide a consistent and enjoyable recreational hockey experience, for any player, regardless of skill level, for the transient population in Shanghai.
  • Provide a diverse adults-only hockey community that is respectful and social for its members. 
  • Provide appropriate levels of challenge for the members while maintaining a competitive environment while never compromising the physical and emotional safety of any member. 
  • Consistently and effectively:
    • rate and distribute players through the drafting of teams
    • provide a safe and enjoyable environment through the disciplining of infractions that deter from the philosophy of the league.