Week 2 in the Books! 第二周结束!

The SHC’s Week 2 results started to show who the title contenders are and which teams need to work a little harder.  Franchises Red and White kicked ass, Black and Yellow had sore asses while Blue and Green each made out evenly.

Friday night’s Ducks-Hairy Crabs game didn’t get decided until midway through the 3rd when Rupert Cao won it for Crabs.  Captain Jan conducted a masterpiece in his team’s 7-1 sinking of the Vikings, registering 6 points himself, as the Dirty Blues moved to 1-1.

Red’s IceCocks had enough thrust and endurance with their 8 players to outlast the Puckhounds’ complete team and won easily 4-0, with ‘König’ Karl earning the shutout between the pipes.  From one king to a couple of others as the duo of Wang Zhiqiang and Wang Ye led defending A League champs the Fog Devils to a tight win over the Bulldogs.

Always Picked Last and the Paper Tigers combined for another Whiteout, never being threatened by the Foo Dogs or Killer Pandas respectively.  APL’s BBS line of Boot, Brennan and Shama all did their Michael Vick impersonations in murdering the Foo Dogs while the short-handed Paper Tigers clawed their way past the surprisingly tame Killer Pandas with SHC rookies Harrison and Dunkerley fiercest in keeping the streak alive.

Week 3 starts this Friday with a great lineup of juicy match-ups!


这个周五的晚上,Ducks与Hairy Crabs的比赛中,直到第三节RupertCao打出了制胜一球为Hairy Crabs赢得了比赛。 而另一边队长Jan带领他的队伍疯狂的打出7-1的大比分差距狂操Vikings,自己获得6分,为Dirty Blues的战绩扳回一城,1-1。 

红色的IceCocks仅有8名队员,但他们有足够信心和体力击败了全员到齐的Puckhounds,以4-0的比分轻松获胜。 而另一边卫冕冠军Fog Devils今年迎来了一对不可忽视的“夫妻”Wang Zhiqiang和Wang Ye,并带领球队击败了Bulldogs.

Always Picked Last 和Paper Tigers这两只联盟球队又出现了,丝毫不会畏惧Foo Dogs和Killer Pandas的进攻。APL的BBS组合登场,Brennan和Shama模仿Michael Vick干掉了Foo Dogs, 而人手不足的Paper Tigers放下过去奇迹般的驯服了Killer Pandas与SHC新秀Harrison和Dunkerley凶猛的保持连胜的记录。