Week 6 Summary! 第六周摘要!

SHC Week 6 Summary


Week 6 in the SHC was special because our focus was split between the action on the ice and the party at The Camel on Friday night.  The SHC opened the weekend with its first party at its new sponsor and left the Shangley Cup in its new home, front and centre at The Camel. The party was also helping to support our hockey brother Mike Collier and his family who are going through a tough time.  Graydon Tullis and Casey Westergaard played awesome live music while proceeds were raised for Mike through the silent auction and through donations, organized primarily by Jim Dunn.  Seeing so many people come forward to help with a cause like this shows why the SHC is a special community.

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On the ice, the Fog Devils (with exotic dancing couple Hume and Kostiw pictured below) and IceCocks gave the Red franchise a sweep over the Vikings and Hairy Crabs wearing green.  The Paper Tigers remained the only undefeated team in the SHC going to 6-0 with a tight win over the Bulldogs.  The Foo Dogs won for the 2nd week in a row, this time over the Ducks, while their black brothers, the Killer Pandas, lost to the Dirty Blues for their 3rd straight loss.  APL beat the Puckhounds 5-2 (Jeff Wong got revenge after the game when he beat up APL’s Fitzy in the locker room).  3 was the biggest margin of victory for anyone in a closely-played Week 6!  It’s Fog Devils vs. Bulldogs and IceCocks vs. Puckhounds this Friday night starting at 21:30.

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