Week 21 Summary – 第二十一周总结

The first of 2 heavyweight semi-final A division battles featured the offensive juggernaut Fog Devils, led by regular season 20 goal scorer Isaac McKitrick and the shutdown defensive Paper Tigers led by their captain J. P. Grimard. Both teams exchanged chances early and often but it was the 17 year old Johnny ‘Eh’ also known as Johnny ‘Eros’ Athanasopoulos (not just for his love of the game) who struck first with an upstairs beauty from the high slot. With the help from 2-way forward Yosef Natour, Johnny A stole the show scoring 2 more goals to complete his 2nd hat-trick of the year. The Fog Devil forwards were anything but fogy throughout the night, with Hugo Thalan, Shinho Kitamura and Zhiqiang Wang having good looks and odd man chances all game long. PT’s goalie Barry ‘Great’ Roe ‘of China’ weathered the storm until 2 seconds after the final horn where Kita scored to break the shutout. Final score, Paper Tigers 3, Fog Devils 1.

A级联赛中第一场重磅级半决赛在常规赛进球20粒的Isaac McKitrick带领的进攻机器Fog Devil队与J.P. Grimard带领的防守城墙Paper Tiger队之间进行。两队很快进入状态,并互有机会,但打破僵局的是17岁的“某”Johnny,他的远射直勾球门右上死角,十分漂亮。之后,在双面前锋Yosef Natour的帮助下,Johnny A 再次技惊四座,用又两记漂亮的进球完成了自己赛季中第二个帽子戏法。但是Fog Devil队的前锋也绝非等闲之辈,Hugo Thalan, Shinho Kitamura 和王志强都有很不错的表现,只是幸运女神自始至终都没有站在“雾魔”的身边。同时,Paper Tiger队的守门员Barry Roe一直到比赛的最后2秒都没有松懈放手,Kita在最后时刻才打进Barry的球门,避免了半决赛被剃光头的尴尬。最终比分,Paper Tigers 3, Fog Devils 1。

In the B semi final match, the red hot ducks coming off an easy win from the no show hairy crabs were in for a tight game. After a scoreless first, APL got nailed for 2 quick penalties which gave the ducks a sweet 5 on 3 power play. After winning the draw clean Ken, played the puck back to Tomy where he unleashed a howizter into the goal net to take a one to nill lead. Apl crawled its way back to tie it up after a face off in the ducks end sent the puck directly to Shama who fought off Simon to tap the puck across the line. Late in the third, lightening quick Bergie snapped up the puck behind the APL keeper for a nice rap around goal, this brought out the furry of the APL bench as they thought it was an offside. Late in the third the refs made it up to APL buy giving LARGE a cheap holding penalty. Ducks fought off the 6 on 4 and went on the win and head again back to the championship final!

于4月9日周六的B组半准决赛事中, 如日中天的DUCKS在当天紧凑的赛事中将多人缺席的大闸蟹队轻易干掉。
然后于4月16日对阵APL的赛事中, 在第一节在还未有得分的情况下, APL被判两次犯规, 这让DUCKS轻易得到5人对3人的优势。首先在抢球时由DUCKS的队长KEN将球后清脆的后传给队友TOMMY, 然后TOMMY将所有力量爆发于一记抽射, 冰球如炮弹般打进龙门, 先声夺人一球领先。在另一次抢球环节中, APL重整旗鼓, 冰球传到SHAMA手上, 他挣脱了SIMON的阻挠, 然后将球打进龙门。
情况相当紧凑,在第三节最后阶段, DUCKS的BERGIE以灵活快速的走位, 正当APL误以球是滑行出界ICING的时候, BERGIE截球成功, 以一记抽射, 将球打到对方龙门, 成功得分。在最后阶段, APL败局而成, DUCKS的LARGE因一次轻微犯规, 让APL以6对4的对决, 但可惜已经没法改变局势, 如日中天的DUCKS成功进入总决赛。

Ice Cocks won with goals by Duke, Spahr, and defenseman Dorris and Corriveau. Puckhounds didnt do anything noteworthy other than lots of puffy shots on Karl the goalie which he handled easily. IC’s are looking forward to playing an impressive Duck team on Saturday.

IceCocks击败PuckHound太监4-0。杜克,斯帕尔,CORRIVEAU和DORRIS打进IC进球。 KARL是完美的目标