Week 12 Summary – 第十二周摘要!

The Crabs winning 3-2 against the Ducks finally snapped out of its 7 game loosing streak since the infamous Longstreet-Cobbett incident (aka the "Longstreak"). The win was the product of mid season draftee Taggart "Tag, I'm It" Thomson who lead the team with its first goal, followed by Backup Bob Leiske's blue line slapper, and finally  captain Leon Li sealed the win with a top shelf wrister in the 3rd period. Ducks' forward Simon Pinard contested on the reffing for not calling unsportsman like conduct on BB Leiske after being called a French Fry during the latter half of the second period. 

After a slow, disapointing start to the second half of the season, The Drunk Vikings finally gave their fans something to cheer about in the New Year. They shocked the rough and tough Dirty Blues with a convincing 5-3 victory. Mike Custer started the scoring spree with a beauty from a dead angle, Barry “The Great Laowai wall” didn’t stand a chance. Adam “The Rook” Liu also showed his worth as Jim Dunn expressively said “I’m inspired by this boys talent, every time he walks in to the locker room, I feel safe”. He managed to score 3 golden ones. Fans are saying that the dirty “Dirty Blues” lost because they kept playing full contact hockey in a beer league, and with that many penalties, they are probably right! Blues captain Jan "Janzy" Velich was unavailable for comment after the game due to the fact that he had shotgunned too many beers and was making out with a cardboard box. 

The Puckhounds cruised by the Ice Cocks in a 6-1 victory.  The Ice Cocks came out hard with a one goal lead but then went soft letting 6 unanswered goals by.  Puckhounds were lead by Brian Byrne converting two rebounds in for goals.  Ice Cock Captain, Duke the Dazzler said "Eh, what do you expect for a team that enjoyed the Beatles live?"

Foggie Ds worked together to crush the Bulldogs in an impressive victory on a snowy Friday night. The crowd, referees, and scorekeepers were blown away by the machine-like precision passing, dynamic and adaptive play calling, and deadly sniping. Center Hugo Thalen did not even take a rest, staying on the ice for a full 51 minutes. After accepting his first star of the game, he mentioned to the eagerly awaiting press, "I trained hard over the break, working on my upper body strength with a vigorous fist-pumping regime at M1nt. The Korean saunas really helped with my recuperation, too." Second star Isaac McKitrick attributed his success to the double cheeseburger that he kept on the bench for a mid-game energy boost. Coach Kita said that the teams' victory was due to the trust-fall exercises done in the locker room before the game. 

The APL- Fu Dogs matchup finished off a weekend of upsets in the B league with the 5th place Fu Dogs handling first place APL 4-2. 
Last week a large contingent of Fu Dogs traveled to Beijing to compete in the Hou Hai pond hockey tournament. But this week the Fu Dogs were back a full strength and Keeper Kevin Lee was back between the pipes and came to play! When asked about APLs potent scoring line led by John Brennan, Kevin said he was not concerned. In fact, he was really only worried about Dennis Larcombe scoring another own goal as he did in Beijing. 
Steve Lockhart opened the scoring for the Fu Dogs but that was quickly answered by APL. Brent Campbell got the next two markers to give the Fu Dogs the lead for good. Bill Longstreet would add another goal. In the late moments APL tried to stage a comeback, but Miles Liu's goal with just a couple minutes left was too little too late. 
EC was heard crying in the showers knowing this loss would almost certainly eliminate him from Coach of the Year contention for The Sports Personality of the Year Awards.

Key players missing for Pandas lead to lopsided 7-1 score.  Despite having a strong defensive core and a goal by Geoff Ng, the Pandas were taken down by the dynamic scoring of Japanese sensation, "Smitty" who finished the game with a hat-trick.  Paper Tigers offensive defense-man Ryan Harrison also contributed two goals by standing on the opposition goal line and deflecting the puck into the gaping net.  Puck possession was dominated by the tigers in the offensive zone as forwards changed position with defenders and kept the puck moving from side to side and from point to slot.  Despite the many chances the Tigers had to shoot the puck from all over the zone, call up goalie Gray was able to make some outstanding saves, including two incredible sprawling stops on grizzled veteran play-maker Yosef Natour.  

Photo credit to Joseph Hu

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