Week 11 Summary – 第十一周摘要!

Friday Ducks vs Fudogs
Ducks won 6-1.

Ducks 8 players and Fudogs 8-10 players.

Fudogs goalie, Kevin was sick.
So Pandas goalie was pinch hitter.
Fudogs had A-league  goalie.
Since several Fudogs players join previous game (Blues vs Pandas), their performance were poor. 
So Ducks had the possession of the puck for 70% of the time.
Ducks Ken made hat trick.
And Shindy Nakatake and Satoshi Ota got a first goal. 

Fudogs Berg got a goal.

Jonny A's first game with the white machine. Back on the ice after sitting out first half of the season due to paper tigers insane  depth. Jonny made his mark early in the game firing rockets at Måns. 22 shots recorded in the first 17 minuets. Bulldogs however were the stronger team first half scoring a pair with only 7 players (3 call ups). Tigers fought back and late in the second period Jonny A found net after a sweet tic-tac-bang play. Tigers defence showed character and kept Bulldogs at bay thanks to big plays by Antii, Dunker and call up Bootsy. In the third the yellow dogs ran out of gas and Jonny A could complete his first SHC hat-trick. 

In the last tilt of "Battle of the Short Benches" APL prevailed over the Puck Hounds in a 7-3, despite the third period heroics of Dodd. Dodd single handedly almost level the match in the third but John Brennan paved the way for APL with w/ 6 goals. John Boot and Shama put in double duty helping the Paper Tigers to victory. Casey Westergard and Kai Wu chipped great efforts to help APL stay atop the table the B.  

Photo credit to Joseph Hu.

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