Week 10 Summary – 第十周摘要!

The first game back from break matched up two teams that have been headed in opposite directions, the Fu Dogs and Hairy Crabs. The Fu Dogs started the season dismally while the Crabs started red hot. However, since the loss of Mark Cobbet the Crabs have struggled to replace his scoring pop. Crabs GM Leon Li worked his magic and somehow convinced execs like Jun Otsuka and Matt Whately that the Crabs should pick first in the mid season draft.  With that pick, Leon had high hopes that Tag Thomson would be just the right player to return the Crabs to their winning ways. However, Game 1 of the new and improved Crabs still had trouble maintaining pressure and finding the back of the net. In fact, the Crabs didn’t tally their first marker until about ten seconds left in the game when xxx snuck one by Kevin Lee robbing him of a shutout.
Meanwhile, the Fu Dog line of Berg, Magnan, and Ferron continued to click, scoring early and often. The production line combined for 3 goals, giving the Fu Dogs all they needed to win. Brent Campbell and Nick Gutor would add a couple insurance goals for a 5-1 final.
The game also marked a couple significant milestones for the women on both teams. Midori Yamada got her first point in the SHC and Leo Murayama played her last game with us. Leo is moving back to Japan and the Fu Dogs were glad to send her off with a win. Good luck Leo!


In B League, battle for the top of the table, Always Picked Last was first to the score sheet when Peter “the Hitman” Helenius found John Brennan on break away pass early in the first frame. Casey Westergaard earned his first shutout of the season, by withstanding a barrage of shots and constant pressure from Ice Cocks super Swiss Stud Spahr,Barry Duke and Takagi. John Boot iced the game with late third period tally. In a tight well fought match up, Markus Lehmann and Miles provided extra effort with their forechecking and defensive stops.


Paper Tigers  welcomed 刘府家 Liu Fu Jia and 2016 with a win over the Fog Devils. Took an early lead and never looked back, as the FDs were missing some key players on defence. Mr. John Pezel made himself a new year gift by scoring 5 goals, and Liu Fu Jia scored his first SHC goal in his first game. Another sweep from the white franchises.


Ducks-Puckhounds. Ducks 3-2 won.  Ducks had 1-0 lead until 2nd period.(by SimonP’s goal. He bought a new stick.)  In the 3rd period PH got 2 goals in a row. So PH have 2-1 lead. PH’s new player Sum Xu got the goal.
Last few minutes Ducks Georgi made a diving shot & goal. Score 2-2. And last 16seconds Ducks Ken got a winning goal.

Photo credit to Joseph Hu


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