Summer League Kicks Off

As you may have guessed from the general lack of updates after Finals Night, the SHC was busy getting just utterly toasted over the last few weeks. The Champion Ice Cocks (B Div) and Bulldogs (A Div) had especially long benders, and we still haven’t heard from Cocks Captain Barry Duke after he was last seen belting out ‘We Are The Champions’ on the roof of the Shanghai Tower. Not to be outdone, Bulldogs Captain Tyler Perro was at a loss when asked where the Shangley Cup was. Vegas odds currently place it at the bottom of the Huangpu River.

Despite all this, the SHC got its collective shit together and is kicking off Summer 2016 this weekend! May is summer, right? Sure. Why not.

This Summer will see 4 teams battle it out for the Shangley Chalice (Mini-Shangley was also in contention for the new Summer Trophy name). The long-standing Mixers are joined by the new franchises the Night Riders, Deadheads, and Bingqiu Bandits in a summer long battle to end the first week of September.

Ready for more? Grab a Tsingtao and get ready. Summer’s here, baby!