SHC Hockey Hands Charity Event/冰球手牵手慈善活动3/20/16-Yongkang Lu/永康路

Come out and support the Shanghai Hockey Club’s new charity initiative – with help from sponsor, The Camel Group – and the Rooftop Ruckus. SHC Hockey Hands supports local orphanages with English exposure, hockey instruction and other activities. We will be on Yongkang Road with the support of the Camel Group (Sliders, Topolino Pizza, Blarney Stone & El Luchador), selling discounted drink and food coupons with donations included. This charity drive will be available from noon until late on Sunday, March 20.  There will be a 50/50 draw and raffle prizes as well. If you or your companies would like to donate prizes in exchange for brand exposure on the day of the event and on some promotional material, please contact Mark Simon (marktheshark44) or Cole Paterson (kohlbrownbear). We would love your support for the SHC Hockey Hands Charity!

全城出动啦!邀请您支持上海冰球俱乐部及其赞助商 The Camel 集团和the Rooftop Ruckus发起的慈善活动叫“冰球手牵手!”。上海冰球俱乐部在当地的孤儿院不定期地举办指导英语学习,冰球运动知识以及其他活动帮助孤儿们健康成长。在The Camel 集团(旗下拥有Sliders, Topolino Pizza, Blarney Stone & El Luchador小资情调餐饮品牌),届时还有折扣餐饮券发放,欢迎捐赠。本次慈善活动将于三月二十号周日中午开始持续到深夜。除此之外我们还举行50%中奖率的抽奖活动还有华夫饼奖品。如果您或者您的公司有意在活动当天或者一些宣传材料上捐赠奖品以扩大品牌知名度,请联系 Mark Simon (marktheshark44) 或者 Cole Paterson (kohlbrownbear)。期待您对我们上海冰球俱乐部慈善活动的大力支持!