SHC Golfin’ Derb

SHC’s Famous Summer Golf Tournament is Here!

This summer, June 18th, the SHC is having its annual golf tournament in Shanghai. If you like playing golf, drinking, and solid after-parties, then this is the event for you. We’re going to start at Camel for some breakfast, drinks, and maybe a couple of dirty stories from the vets, who knows. Then we roll out to the links for 18 holes of debauchery. After the tournament has ended, we head back to Camel for the after-party, where you can mock, praise, and talk to your fellow golfers.

Show up, hungry and thirsty at: The Camel
Time: 9:00am
Price: 1200 RMB

Be aware of the fact that this is an all day event, ending with an after-party at Camel.

Note: If you don’t have golf clubs, don’t worry, you can always rent them at the club.

Join the Official Group Chat Below:

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