Hey there, Puckheads!

Due to low attendance during the summer months we are suspending TUESDAY SHINNIES until further notice. In the interim, we will run Monday night’s 8:15 “fast n’ loose puck” and Thursday night’s 9:30 “filthy mongrel puck.”

Regardless of which ice you prefer (Mondays for the competitive asshats, Thursdays for people having a good time and learning some fundamentals) you must confirm your attendance with either of the following individuals via wechat:

If you’re interested in Monday ice, contact Hans Von Jovi (Wechat ID: hansvonmeister)

If you’re interested in Thursday ice, contact Kevin Marteeny Weeny (Wechat ID: kev_in_sha)

These gentlemen take care of the attendance numbers and keep our communications with the rink smooth. So please let either of them know directly if you wish to attend.

That’s all for now. Stay safe and keep your stick on the ice!