Hockey Hands & Adoption Resources China – Fundraiser – Saturday, May 28th!

冰球手牵手和ARC: 明天请帮助我们帮助孤儿

Hockey Hands and ARC: tomorrow, please help us help the orphans.

We invite you to join us and support a new charity initiative that includes partners Adoption Resources China (ARC) and SHC Hockey Hands (HH) and is supported by the Rooftop Ruckus and Daga Brewpub.


我们邀请你加入我们,参与到这个慈善活动中。活动的发起者是ARC,SHC冰球手牵手(HH),并得到了Rooftop Ruckus和Daga Brewpub的支持。


HH supports local orphanages with English exposure, hockey instruction and other activities.  HH aims to give children with a tougher life something positive, like learning about hockey and teamwork while doing something active.




Adoption Resources China (ARC) is a fresh, new non-profit organization built within the Shanghai community, dedicated to providing resources for expatriate families in China who are interested in adoption. ARC intends to bridge foster and adoptive families with the agencies and processes needed to make life better for abandoned children of China.

Since kicking off in fall 2015, ARC has already supported 11 families and an additional six children are in the process of adoption!  Because ARC has been supporting all of these families free of charge, there is an urgent push to begin raising funds to support the organization.